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The Internet Logging System for Professional Development (ILSPRO) is an on-line documentation, supervision, and program evaluation tool. ILSPRO represents a new tool for insuring accuracy and accountability in professional training and service delivery. Specifically, it is programmed to measure the quality and quantity of field-experience afforded practicum and internship students. Further, the ILS utilizes training and practice standards established by professional organizations such as APA and NASP. Through the use of computer technology the ILSPRO overcomes many of the inadequacies associated with traditional paper-and-pencil methods. Over the last seven years trainers and students from universities across the United States have asked for, and been given access to the ILSPRO. Feedback methods have included interviews, reviews and walkthroughs with over one hundred trainers and students.

Factors contributing to the viability of ILSPRO includes:
1. Need and/or Desire--both qualitative and quantitative data suggest these is a need for a tool such as the ILSPRO.
2. Improvement on Current Methods--both qualitative and quantitative data denote the superiority of the ILSPRO over traditional paper-and-pencil methods. In addition, the enhanced supervision and program evaluation features of the ILS significantly augment traditional methods.
3. Learning Curve--because the ILS uses computer technology most trainers and students appreciate its easy access and user-friendly qualities
4. Quality--the organization and reliability of the data analysis features, coupled with the legibility of the various reports are praised by trainers and students alike.
5. Service--students, supervisors, and program coordinators all share in the monitoring and management of service data. The ILSPRO provides a valuable service to all who use it.
6. Existence--ILSPRO is not an idea, it is a viable product. The current version is an upgrade from the original program. We will continue to improve the ILSPRO in order to insure the highest quality service possible.